Social Media – Everyone, Everywhere

Social media’s place in the world is completely pervasive and integrated. Websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have made the internet an integral and important part of our day to day lives. This is both a positive step towards information sharing and access, and a negative move towards loss of privacy and use of personal information.

Evolution of Social Media

From the beginning of widespread use of the World Wide Web, users have been sharing information and forming groups. Bulletin boards and email lists were among the first real social media outlets, and those quickly led to forums as a more accessible and public way of sharing and conversing. Soon after the advent of forums came the rise of online dating sites, which were one of the first websites used by average people to meet like-minded people to chat with. Online journals then rose in popularity as users sought to share their ideas and experiences with a wider audience. Most trendsetting technologies, such as Bitcoin trading, rely heavily on social media. Thoughts and opinions shared about automated trading software tool like Bitcoin Up on social media easily reaches everyone. The influence of social media is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the popularity of a product or platform. Details can be found on the official website at are nearly universally shared on social media platforms, with a far greater reach than reading and comprehending the context.

Wider Uses of Networking

While early social media platforms focused on simply presenting your ideas, use of the internet soon turned to sharing ideas and working together to further explore them. Networking became a normal, everyday function of internet users. Groups have advanced networking to a necessary business tool instead of simply a casual social instrument. Even the smallest companies are now connected online.

Networking in the Palm of Your Hand

The latest advancement in social networking is the introduction of apps that make staying connected simple and easy, anywhere anytime. Cell phone apps such as FourSquare and Facebook make sharing as easy as the push of a button. A good example is the Technicavita, a service that provides social media guidance, news and views for charities, and is actually known as the facebook causes app for charity. Users are able to connect through Twitter, Facebook applications and even stand alone applications on their smart phones. Check here for more info: Additional information can be found at This is a perfect example of how advancements in social media are changing the world for better.

Multimedia Livecasting

A popular form of social media application is called “livecasting”. By definition livecasting refers to any kind of audio or visual sharing that is done over the internet. Skype is probably the number one recognized platform for multimedia livecasting which enables users to have a life voice conversation utilizing voice over IP technology (VOIP) or …

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Social Bookmarking

The concept for social bookmarking began in 1996 when lists of bookmarks were made available online starting the launch of a site called itList. The site provided a directory of subcategories for browsing blog posts and online articles by topic matter or theme. Social bookmarking is the equivalent of going to a specific section in …

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