If You Dig News Digg It

Part of the social media craze is the emergence of social news sharing sites such as Digg and Reddit. These sites allow users to play to a “mob mentality” by creating a unique profile and collect or add existing friends on the social network to a list.

Digging In

Within that friends list, Digg encourages individuals to share content from the web. Specifically articles of interest in an information exchange and users on the Digg network can vote to “Digg” the article or site content or give them the equivalent of a thumbs down, also known as “burying” the article. Sites that have been “dugg” report increased page views and traffic and has been known to promote content or direct viral activity to specific locations or multimedia content.

User Friendly Interface

Sites similar to Digg are excellent news aggregators. They provide tool bars with short cuts to source articles on the web, as well as “url shortening” cut and paste tools to speed up posting of interesting content. The enable people to share information and articles in a very effective way and provide opinion on the content. The site was devised in 2004 and at the time was featured as an “advertisement free” platform. However after the site became a success (virtually overnight about one year later) it was monetized with Google Adsense.

For an individual who thrives on keeping up to date with current events and news, Digg is an excellent platform for both receiving and broadcasting relevant stories and interesting information.