Using WordPress to Publish a Blog

Among blog writers, WordPress is one of the most popular sites for hosting blogs. It’s free, it offers a wide range of format options, and it’s easy to use.

How to Get Started With WordPress is a free hosting site. WordPress also offers self hosted blog sites at, but that is much more complicated and requires one’s own domain name. The common user chooses a user name and blog name at WordPress, and then is directed to a dashboard page. This is the page that allows the author to create the look of the blog, as well as change posting and comment settings. All categories for working on the blog are on the left-hand side of the dashboard page.

Importing a Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Many bloggers start off at and wish to move their blog to WordPress, due to the extra formatting options available there. It’s simple to import entire blog over to a new wordpress account. simply look for the &l;Import&r; option in the left column of the dashboard, and enter the URL address of the Blogger blog. WordPress does the work, and posts will be posted on the new blog in dated order, including all formatting. It’s important to direct readers to the new blog address after importing.

Using Templates to Format a WordPress Blog

WordPress offers hundreds of templates in dozens of styles to use. Note that the number of columns in a template affects the look and readability of a blog, so this must be chosen carefully. Each can easily be previewed without applying it to the blog, by choosing &l;Preview&r; beneath the template to view. This is possibly WordPress’ most useful tool in the Dashboard.

WordPress’ combination of functionality and professional layouts makes it the ideal platform, for amateurs and professionals alike, to share their thoughts.