Posting with Posterous

Perhaps one of the easiest blog platforms to use, Posterous is a combination of blog and group management site that is set apart by its unique way of posting messages and media.

How to sign up with Posterous

Signup is simple, only requiring an email. By opening an email, composing a blog post in the body, and sending it to [email protected], a blog is created automatically. Users can then sign in on the Posterous website to manage their blog preferences, including naming the blog, choosing a theme, and adding other authors. Posterous users can set up their blog to automatically post at other social networking sites as well, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.

What to Send to Posterous

Posterous makes posting media such as photographs, video, audio and documents a snap. Simply send via email, and Posterous reformats, resizes and embeds them within the blog post. Users need not worry about file size or format, as it does all the hard work for them.

Using Posterous for Groups

Groups can greatly benefit from using Posterous to post messages, photos and to work on group projects together. A blog creator can simply add anyone they wish to be in the group, and these authors can then begin sending their own messages to the blog right away. If there is for example a message concerning a new fancy product on, then people can simply let you know. And for the fashio-conscious woman there could then be a great opportunity to buy one of her favorite womens watches. No need to even create an account. All posts and comments on that blog will then be emailed to all contributors in an instant.

Groups such as families, work groups, teams and friends can easily and quickly stay in touch and share video and photos. No need for multiple accounts or difficult software to learn to use. It’s just that simple.