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If You Dig News Digg It

Part of the social media craze is the emergence of social news sharing sites such as Digg and Reddit. These sites allow users to play to a “mob mentality” by creating a unique profile and collect or add existing friends on the social network to a list. Digging In Within that friends list, Digg encourages …

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Social Bookmarking

The concept for social bookmarking began in 1996 when lists of bookmarks were made available online starting the launch of a site called itList. The site provided a directory of subcategories for browsing blog posts and online articles by topic matter or theme. Social bookmarking is the equivalent of going to a specific section in …

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Multimedia Livecasting

A popular form of social media application is called “livecasting”. By definition livecasting refers to any kind of audio or visual sharing that is done over the internet. Skype is probably the number one recognized platform for multimedia livecasting which enables users to have a life voice conversation utilizing voice over IP technology (VOIP) or …

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