Multimedia Livecasting

A popular form of social media application is called “livecasting”. By definition livecasting refers to any kind of audio or visual sharing that is done over the internet. Skype is probably the number one recognized platform for multimedia livecasting which enables users to have a life voice conversation utilizing voice over IP technology (VOIP) or projecting live video and audio streams in real time. Web cameras and teleconferencing by this method has become a preferred method of communication for businesses and has increasingly become daily use technology for the mainstream technology user.

The Technology

What the science fiction shows in the 1960’s portrayed as “video phones” is now popular using the home computer. It is a quantum leap of technology to be able to chat via live video feed in real time. The only detriment to multimedia livecasting is the buffer and refresh rate. Latency in the video (or delays) is the direct result of latency in the digital streaming of the audio or visual file.

Livecasting Sites

Given the popularity of putting video or audio out into the Internet (and the lure of having a video go viral) there are many kinds of multimedia livecasting sites available to explore. Justin tv is a very popular site with MMORPG gamers. It enables an individual to share in over 2300 channels of live real time video in progress. YouTube is of course the leader in livecasting sites featuring pre-recorded videos in a variety of categories and genres (as well as an active music sharing and marketing community). Youtube has become so successful it is now viewed in new media marketing as a crucial component in any social media mix. Livestream , OpenCU , and many other recognizable names open up a world of sharing using multimedia livecasting.