Vimeo for Video Sharing

People wishing to share content online are no longer restricted to text blogs. Rich media blogs offer another platform for sharing content, including videos, artwork, photographs and graphics of all types. One of the better known sites for posting video content is Vimeo, and with good reason. Vimeo is especially known for the quality of content posted by the users there.

Vimeo Basic Plan

Vimeo offers two plans for video uploading. The basic plan offers the ability to upload high quality video that can be shared and embedded directly on your own website or by URL address, much like YouTube. The basic membership provides 500 MB per week of upload capacity, which is more than enough for the casual creator. In addition, members are able to manage three albums, one group and one channel. Basic plans contain no bandwidth or time limits. The basic plan is free of charge.

Vimeo Plus Plan

The Vimeo Plus plan is a step up, and intended for creators who need more than the average user. This plan includes higher quality video, 5 GB per week of upload space, unlimited HD uploading and embedding, advanced statistics for keeping track of your video views, faster uploading speeds, unlimited albums, and other perks. The Vimeo Plus plan is $59.95 per year. All Vimeo plans are intended for personal use only, not for commercial use.

Who Uses Vimeo?

Vimeo is intended to be used for expression only, not for entrepreneurs or commercial use. The community is very strong with artists and creative content makers. In order to prevent commercial use and maintain the artistic integrity of the site, Vimeo performs quality checks on their accounts to screen out the users who are breaking the terms of service. In this way, Vimeo keeps its site full of good and useful content.