Sharing Your Views Using Blogger

Creating a blog is the perfect way to share views, ideas and stories. Whether sharing with a family, a specific group, or anyone with interest in similar topics, a blog is an easy and fun way to get oneself heard. “Blogger” is one of the most popular websites for first time blog creators. It’s completely free and simple to use.

How to Get Started With Blogger

Signing up with Blogger is a snap. After choosing a user name and password, it’s time to come up with a blog name. Choose something that represents the theme and the type of content shared there. Remember that the blog name is the first thing readers will judge when they hit the blog’s page. After choosing a blog name, it’s time to work on formatting the blog.

How to Format a Blog With Blogger

Blogger is one of the easiest blog hosting sites for beginning bloggers to use, mainly due to the ease of the formatting. There are simple templates available, and with the quick click of a few boxes and buttons, the blog will be ready for some content. Be sure to choose categories that the content will be sharing, choose whether to allow comments, and how to display post dates and authors. Consider ease of viewing when choosing a layout; the most important part of a blog is the content, the layout should only frame it. Once created and formatted, now it’s time for content! A blog is written for a reader. Keep in mind that readers prefer blogs that have blocks of words broken up by visuals, such as photographs or graphics. Blogger offers a large amount of picture hosting space to make posting pictures simple and free.