Video Hosting from Dailymotion

Videos have become simple and fun to make and to share. There are many sites that allow users to easily upload their videos and share them. One of the simplest to use is Dailymotion. Smaller than YouTube, but with different features and a community feel, Dailymotion is a good option for someone looking for ways to show what they’re seeing through their video lens.

What Dailymotion Offers

Offering a simple platform for social video sharing, Dailymotion allows you to choose to share your videos with anyone, or privately with family and friends. Dailymotion offers video tagging and categories to find other content and organize your own. Unlike Vimeo, Dailymotion allows commercial users and professional content to be uploaded and shared. Videos can be embedded on other sites for ease of viewing, including on your blog, Facebook and other social networking sites. The AutoShare feature will even allow you to automatically update your Facebook with your Dailymotion activity.

Unique Features

Unlike its massive competitor YouTube, Dailymotion still maintains a unique community feeling. They cultivate this community by hosting frequent contests that foster competition but also sharing and discussion. Dailymotion encourages critique and discussion among its users. Tools such as subtitles are easy to use and very popular. Dailymotion’s Family Filter allows content to be sorted and controlled. Activating the Family Filter helps prevent younger users from accessing explicit content.

Users can easily create a group or community of viewers and contacts. There are friend request capabilities, blocking, muting, messaging, and group creation. Groups make it easy to manage and share content. While not a huge threat to YouTube, Dailymotion does offer a good alternative for video sharing with some unique features.