Welcome to the Social Decade #Media140 Presentation

I was very kindly asked If I would like to give a Keynote presentation at the Media140 charity event on the 4th of Febuary 2010, the subject of my presentation was "Welcome to the Social Decade" a look at building communities using Social Media with @BullyingUK as my example:

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I hope I was informative and gave everyone something useful to take a way work on, the next 10 years will change the way charities and the general public interact forever as I said be open, be honest and people will love you for it.

Social Charity - Media Trust Presentation

In June 2009 I was asked by the Media Trust to speak to a group of charities about Bullying UK's use of social media, I have embeded th slides below.

charity-media-trust" title="Social Charity - Media Trust">Social Charity - Media Trust Featuring Bullying UK
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Short Bitly URL's for your presentations

With so many presentations around social media I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of Bitly short URL's you can add to your presentation and that reference pages on this site.

The idea is to include the url at the bottom of a relevant slide so attendees can get more information during or after the event. I would suggest adopting this for your own website links as well, make sure to mention at the start of your presentation what the's are for and how to use them (if that's necessary).

This really helps to bring more visitors to your pages and creates a deeper connection between the presentation and the attendee


1 How To remove yourself from other peoples Twitter Lists
2 How to choose a good Twitter Username
3 Twitter's Retweets are Changing Get Ready!
4 You own your Tweets, Did you know?
5 A look The Children's Trust use of Twitter (Report)
6 What is Twitter A Short Guide for Charity
7 TwitBlock - The Twitter Spam removal Tool
8 Don't get Banned by Twitter
9 When Tweets go Bad and you get complaints
10 @reply The Key to Communication
11 How to Retweet using Twitter
12 Signal / Noise - The Basics
13 First 10 steps to Non-profit Twitter Success
14 Retweeting Retweeters the Twitter Holy Grail
15 Helping your Boss to understand Twitter
16 How to use HashTags # on Twitter
17 How to take part in #followfriday on Twitter
18 How to take part in #charitytuesday on Twitter


1 Have your Facebook page interactions died since redesign?
2 Facebook Launch Share Buttons for your Website
3 Facebook's redesign what has been changed
4 The Facebook Causes App for Charity
5 Facebook Groups What you need to know
6 Facebook Fans ask them to Suggest you to their Friends
7 Facebook Brand Fan Pages - What you need to Know
8 FaceBook Lite - The Slimmer, Quicker Facebook
9 What is Facebook A Short Guide for Charity
10 Facebook Pages and Twitter start to share

Google Wave

1 How to add contacts to Google Wave
2 Creating a Google Wave Account
3 A handy list of Google Wave Search Commands
4 Five getting started uses for Google Wave
5 Archive Your Google Wave and expose them to the web
6 Google Wave on your Mobile Phone
7 Google Wave Keyboard Shortcuts
8 How to get a Google Wave Invite
9 Google Wave Application Store - There's a Gadget for that!
10 What is Google Wave
11 Google Wave - Advanced user interface how to video
12 Latest Changes to Google Wave - Inc Wave:Public
13 The UK Charity / Nonprofit Google Wave