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Sync your computers with iDrivesync


One of the most frustrating thing about modern computing is trying to keep all your computers current with your latest work. I have lost track of the times I've needed a document on my laptop at a critical time and it wasn't their or it was an out of date version.

Well know longer using iDrivesync Online Sync I can install their application on my desktop computers and my laptop and any files I choose will be copied and kept current across all my systems. This is going to be very handy for road warriors or people shifting computers between home and the office.

Even better it keeps a copy in the cloud acting as a backup just in case disaster should strike, in built sharing makes it easy to share files from your system or the cloud dashboard.

I like the fact you can install it on up to 5 pc's as well, you get 2gig of online storage for free and unlimited for $4.95 making this one of the best priced services on the web.

While still in beta the service appears to be nice and stable, thumbs up from me on this one I like it alot.


Google Wave for ALL

waveiconWOOHOO Google have announced that Wave it's collaborative authoring service is now available to everyone, since Wave was released as invite only Google have fixed a huge number of bugs and added loads of user requested features.

Go ahead and check it out and head over here for a complete set of Google Wave guides to get you started.

Wave is a fantastic way to collaborate around any topic with your contacts, you can add Video Conferencing and other great addons via the Gadgets and Robots.

As one of the early wave adopters I still use it every day, it provides me with an easy way to throw ideas around with people and more importantly threaded in an easy to follow way.

Email Notifications in Google Wave

I know for many people Google Wave was a bit of a miss as far as useful was concerned, well this may make things more useful to you. The Google Wave team have enabled Email notifications so just like buzz you can get an email when a wave is updated.

You can choose the frequency of the notifications between instantly to daily updates, you will only get one update for each Wave so at least you won't get drowned in notifications.

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Google Buzz Search Commands

I just spotted this list of Search Commands for Google Buzz, via a Google Buzz from BuzzUsers very handy if you want to filter your stream by Source, Author or commenter.

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Google Buzz - Total Genius?

So after a few days of Buzz, a rant and then time to think and experiment and actually Buzz shows a fair amount of promise. Google have been quick to roll out fixes and new features in response to the community including a revamp to the way privacy and discovery of buzz contacts will work.

In my Sunday ramble this week I wanted to share some observations I have made over the last few days about Google Buzz.

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