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Twitter Fail - Collapse of the Twittersphere

Twitter has been having a lot of problems over the last week, from slow time lines to API overloads when you try and tweet, Twitter says they are aware of the problems and are working to resolve them.

The current update from last night is "We’re seeing periodic high rates of errors on We’re currently working to resolve this."

This is all feeling a little reminiscent of the Summer of 09 where Twitter was down or failing more than it was up and working.

Still even Facebook has large scale problems with bits of it's system (Chat for instance) lets hope Twitter get it all fixed up before the World Cup Finals.

Twitter's First Official Mobile client.. for Android

And so it came to pass Twitter has launched their first official "Twitter" branded client for the mobile platforms. Android is the first to get the Twitter love but of course Tweetie 2 for iPhone has been bought and will be rebranded as Twitter for iPhone in a few weeks time.

So how does Twitters first application measure up... in a word Brilliantly a slick presentation with the features that the average Twitter users will be fine with.

The first screen provides access to each of the core features of Twitter such as your Tweets, Retweets, Lists, Mentions and the like, at the very bottom the current trends float in. It's all rather pleasing and just a bit nice.

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Twitter @Anywhere Tests


Twitter is down 13/04/2010 - It's back

Twitter has died, FailWhale is in effect... run for the hills or go grab a coffee... more as we get it.

Wonder if this has anything to do with the new adverts going live later today... any time now actually is up and down like a YoYo and Twitter clients are returning stale data or nothing at all.

UPDATE Twitter Restored:

API is working again, clients returning to normal. is still sleeping with the FailWhale, if your interested this site allows you to see which social Networks are having problems, also has nice graph to show periods of down time. is now back... off to see if the new Adverts system is now live :-)


Twitter Search is Upgraded

twitter_128Twitter have made a substantial change to how their search system works, as expected Twitter have added a relevancy engine that will show you not just any tweets for a search term but the most popular (retweeted) tweets for that term at any given time.

We don't no exactly how the engine is working at this time, although its likely to be similar to Google's Real Time Search where a combination of Follower and Retweet metrics to work out which tweets are more relevant for a given term.

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