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Facebook Launches The Open Graph


First of the big announcements Facebook will combine all Facebook connect permissions into a single dialog, also developers will be able to store data retrieved via api for ever! no more 24 hour limit.


Facebook concentrating on connecting the social graph allowing sites to connect and share data via Facebook and exchange it with other services. Facebook call this an Open Graph and it will be supported via a Graph Api and a set of social plugins built on top of the Graph Api.

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Facebook Kills Become A Fan, now you Like!

facebook_likeAnd so it comes to pass that 400 Million people world wide from now on "Like" brands pages rather than Become a Fan.

Will their be a backlash this time? Probably this is an interesting move on Facebook's part and it will be interesting to see how this fits in with the new "Like" feature Facebook will be adding to Connect later this week.

What do you think of the change? Were you ready for it?

Facebook Lite is no more

Facebook have killed off their super slimmed down "lite" site, launched last year it was a test site used to see how users would react to a less cluttered Facebook and to learn I suspect a bit about creating efficient low latency code.

Facebook of late has become a bit glitchy again lots of problems with chat, this is usually followed by new updates to key parts of Facebook.

The F8 Conference is tomorrow so we can expect loads of new features to be announced, get ready for the backlash... oh and Mobile QR codes I hope :-)

Facebook is Down!

Facebook is down, users are reporting on Twitter they can't login and that for some when they can they are seeing the Old Facebook layout. My guess is that is a local cache issue rather than Facebook switching back.

More as we get it....

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Is Facebook in Trouble? My Wife thinks so

This Sunday I was wondering what to write about in my usual rambling column, With Facebook launching yet another redesign I was musing to myself about what all this change means for the Facebook ecosystem.

It was then that my wife in a sudden moment of techclarity said:

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