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Twitter Fail - Collapse of the Twittersphere

Twitter has been having a lot of problems over the last week, from slow time lines to API overloads when you try and tweet, Twitter says they are aware of the problems and are working to resolve them.

The current update from last night is "We’re seeing periodic high rates of errors on We’re currently working to resolve this."

This is all feeling a little reminiscent of the Summer of 09 where Twitter was down or failing more than it was up and working.

Still even Facebook has large scale problems with bits of it's system (Chat for instance) lets hope Twitter get it all fixed up before the World Cup Finals.

iPhone 4 Accessories

A friend of mine was asking me about accessories for the new iPhone 4 so I thought I would take a look around and see what Apple iPhone 4 Accessories I could find.

So far it's thin on the ground, Screen protectors, and cases shaped to fit the iPhone 4, its thinner than previous iPhones so unless you want your new phone slipping out of the case your going to need a new case or a solid screen protector.

The new device is made of toughed glass and a metal band to give it strength but I'm not willing to bet it will survive a drop from waist height without something to soften the impact.

If you a keys in pocket or bag with your phone a screen protector is a must, even though the screen uses a scratch resistant surface it's still possible to scratch the top coating (much to my sadness) keys being the culprit in my case.

Oh well at least cases come in lots of nice colours the new iPhone sticks with the drab and boring we have come to expect from Apple.

Make your money go further with Discount Domains UK

New projects regularly require new domain names to go with them, however you should always be mindful that paying an agency to register a domain for you can be very costly given that most domains actually cost less than £10 if you register them yourselves.

Cheap domain names from Discount Domains UK is one of the lowest priced I have found, seriously don't pay more than £20 a domain name even if it's "fully managed" register it yourself and put more money into the sharp end of your project.

Another option is to use the money you save to purchase some extra domains to support your project, these could be keyworded landing pages using the brands call to action or form part of your email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Domain names can be powerful and when used together can create a great deal of reach, making the pennies go further opens up more options to create a great domain presence on the web and in the search index's


The Power of Social Media to find solutions


As you know this site is as much about the people behind the technology as the technology itself, and I really like to take the opportunity to highlight when Social Media has had an unexpected impact.

The other day I was having a bit of a head scratch about some new bugs that had appeared in the BullyingUK code, I hunted high and low for a solution once I was able to identify where the problem was. However knowing what's causing the problem and working out how to fix it are two entirely different issues.

Enter Twitter if theirs one thing you can guarantee ask a question on Twitter and someone will find you the answer or a person to help. Now I wasn't exactly expecting an answer for a complex problem distilled into under 140 characters but you never know.

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Twitter's First Official Mobile client.. for Android

And so it came to pass Twitter has launched their first official "Twitter" branded client for the mobile platforms. Android is the first to get the Twitter love but of course Tweetie 2 for iPhone has been bought and will be rebranded as Twitter for iPhone in a few weeks time.

So how does Twitters first application measure up... in a word Brilliantly a slick presentation with the features that the average Twitter users will be fine with.

The first screen provides access to each of the core features of Twitter such as your Tweets, Retweets, Lists, Mentions and the like, at the very bottom the current trends float in. It's all rather pleasing and just a bit nice.

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