How we did it

How We Did It: Using Social Media on a global challenge for KidsCan


This is a "How we did it" written by Simon Painter and BigDaveSB who broke out of the UK and went to africa using nothing but their witts and social media to raise money for KidsCan. They used a range of technology and social media tools to keep everyone uptodate on their progress.  A huge thank you to both of you for sharing this with the sector. - John

What we got up to

At the end of October 2009 we took part in a jailbreak challenge to try to get as far as we could from Manchester in 30 hours. We ended up going on a seventeen and a half thousand mile journey over three continents, seven countries, both hemispheres and a whole heap of time zones. Throughout the adventure we used a mobile phone (a Blackberry flip) and a Bluetooth GPS unit along with a host of social media tools to keep our supporters updated with how we were getting on.

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