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How To add Raffle.it to your Charity Facebook Page

I don't know about you but I struggle some days to keep on top of all the exciting prizes Raffle.it add to their prize board, making sure your supporters are aware of them as well can be a challenge.

Today I fired of a Tweet to Pascal Head Raffler of Raffle.it asking for an easy way to add Raffle.it's prizes to our Facebook page, I wanted a passive way that Raffle.it could let our supporters know about the latest prizes they could win but without me having to remember or have time to do it myself. (I'm not lazy just only so many hours in a day)

As I have discussed before in my other Facebook Articles, it can be difficult to add external services onto your Facebook page. As I have covered previously it is possible to add a Donation Button and Google Analytics to your page if your willing to play with a bit of HTML code.

charity-facebook-page.html" type="button">

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Facebook Stealing your Fan Page Keywords for Spam

facebook_128A change to Facebook is having an unintended impact on Charity / Non-profits, Howard Lake of UK Fundraising let me know that the change was already having a negative impact on charities.

Let me explain what has happened, Facebook created a system called "Pages" a few years ago this system was supposed to be used by Brands to build a place where normal users could connect and reference that brand.

What Facebook didn't count on was users creating Pages for all sorts of purposes including creating negative pages about a brand or personality.
To solve the problem a few weeks ago they created "Community Pages" these pages are created automatically by Facebook and have NO ADMIN.

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Add Google Analytics to your Charity Facebook Page

First off I have to give props to @TheSourceress for mentioning this to me, it is possible to add Google Analytics to you Facebook Page. I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of this myself as it's based on a very old way of tracking web impressions.

Ok first off why a normal Google Analytics code won't work on Facebook

You see Facebook blocks any kind of scripting language from running inside the Facebook system, this is done for security but means that the Java Script used by Google is deleted as soon as you try to add it to your Facebook pages.

charity-facebook-page.html" type="button">

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Facebooks Open Graph and Fundraising

Today the very fabric of Online Fundraising has been ripped apart with Facebooks announcement of Open Graph and the Graph API. In short Facebook just allowed you to collect and store ANY data a user is willing to share with you.

On top of that the amount and types of data that Open Graph will allow is mind blowing, everything from who a person connects to right down to the things like like in and outside of Facebook and the services they connect with.

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How to connect your Domain to Facebook for Insights

To connect your website to Facebook visit the new Insights page and follow this guide, this is a new area of Facebook that gives brand new statistics about Interaction on Facebook.

Click on the Green "Insights for your domain" in the popup box you will be asked for some information and given a code snippet to add to your websites Meta Tags.


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